Arduino and Intel Programmers Can Now Design IoT Devices Online in Minutes

March 31, 2017 | Karen Schultz
Intel Arduino in Geppetto

Arduino and Intel designers can now rapidly design and manufacture small form-factor expansion boards for their wearables, IoT, and robotic devices online, in minutes with Geppetto®.

The new Intel® Curie™ Geppetto module will support the Arduino IDE for all Geppetto-built boards.

Geppetto Arduino
Arduino IDE Support is now available in Geppetto!

As a starting point for what you can build with this new module, Gumstix Gadget Guru has created an Arduino-supported Mini Drone board in Geppetto!

Arduino-Supported Mini Drone Design

A tiny Arduino 101 compatible micro-drone controller using the Intel® Curie™.

The board is designed with palm-sized MAVs in mind and includes PWMs, ADCs, on-board barometer, and an expansion header for an optional Pre-GO GPS module. It also includes an RGB light sensor for overhead obstruction detection and is controlled via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Feel free to copy and customize the design online.

Arduino joins Geppetto: Fast turnaround, low-cost custom expansion boards for Arduino devs

The Arduino community now has a simple drag and drop platform to create custom expansion boards. During the design process, users can compare alternatives for features and costs, create multiple projects, and share ideas and go straight from a design to an order in one session. Complete custom board support package (BSPs) and documentation are available with orders. Pre-tested, production quality boards ship to you in 15 business days.

Showcasing the Intel® Curie™ module: Gumstix’s Radium 96BIE

In addition to the Geppetto module release, Gumstix has developed the Radium 96BIEboard! It showcases the features of the Intel® Curie™ module on a tiny 96Boards compliant IoT board. The Curie’s integrated BLE, 6-axis IMU and 32-bit Quark processor makes the Radium a powerful platform for IoT development. Now available in-store.

Radium 96BIE board

Grab a Radium 96BIE board, or design a board in Geppetto to start creating your Arduino IDE supported project today!